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Introducing a proper process of manpower recruitment, we include sourcing, short listing, arranging interview, screening and selecting of the workforce or candidate. It is a a two- way strategy, in which not only aspirants can get the best job but employers can also get best-suited candidates for the company, thereby deriving excellence both ways.. Through our process of screening and short listing, we make sure that the candidates can get the most appropriate job according to their qualification and field of interest.
After the primary selecting process, based on their resume and a brief introduction, candidates are ready to face the final round of interaction with the company HR. We also take care of all the arrangements regarding the tickets, traveling and accommodation of the candidate and ensure that he/she should reach the desired place on time.

We excel in the following aspects of recruitment:

Permanent recruitment operation has been established to provide a high-quality, professional service in all our specialized markets, a we have imbibed a total quality management program to provide you with a fully integrated staff recruitment and selection process. It includes a detailed assignment briefing and fully validated testing procedures…… skills, aptitude, attitude, behavioral, psychometric (optional), as per client requirements.

If you would like to enjoy the flexibility of building your staff, keeping your projects moving and assisting overloaded employees, Contract Staffing may be your best option, wherein candidates are screened before being recommended to the clients. This means you can get cover immediately while ensuring that the candidate has the right skills for the job. The major benefit of hiring a temporary or contract candidate gives you that legal space and opportunity not to commit to a permanent staff position until you are convinced enough to fill or create a vacancy.

Whether you need additional time to fully observe and screen a candidate before hiring them on a direct basis or simply want to convert a high-performing contingent worker to a full-time employee of your organization, as you combine the flexibility of pure contingent staffing with direct placement, this service allows our clients to hire qualified workers on a direct basis at any time during their assignment.

Our quality focus is mapped on the following:

An exhaustive mapping process that identifies all the potential candidates in the sector, leaving no one off the table for job placement.

A candidate who is compatible with the company’s culture and long term vision, mission and strategic direction, emphasizing on qualitative and not a quantitative approach

A quick turnaround time on all assignments that are executed by a highly responsive team.

A strategic HR partner, who will leverage its extensive experience in the industry to provide each client with a clear and honest assessment of the market.

A trusted adviser who will never compromise on integrity, always putting the client first.

Steps followed by our consultants in selecting candidates through Placement and Staffing Services:

Short listing
Arranging for interview
Talent Hun

Joy Travels emphasizes and specializes  in an appropriate  set of three values,  such as excellence, responsibility and leadership, merging into their brand standards and quality operations, with trust to whet the customer’s appetite by that adrenaline rush of organizational energy.
We  have always been empathetic and understanding towards the cost, quality and turnaround which has made us a world class supplier.

Commitment is a word that sets  the destiny for the foundation of an organization. Blend it with dedication, hard work, ethics, brilliance, support and thence enter into a domain  which would suffice in meeting the manpower requirements of divergent industries through human resource solutions. We pre-screen, sort out and shortlist applicants in accordance with pre-qualifying criteria laid down by client’s organization and also conduct random, informal checks to verify the listed achievements and last few work experiences of these short listed candidates at our end to ensure that no discrepancies occur when the same is presented to our clients. The resume of these short-listed candidates who fulfill the specific positions closely are then forwarded to our clients for further screening or acceptance as the case may be.

We  strive to attain efficiency in gratifying the clients requirements, thereby offering them complete satisfaction by following recruitment processes based on ethics with full pre- and- post verification of candidates.

Client satisfaction is our top most priority and we make sure the employers and the employee are in – sync before appointment. We arrange for face-to-face interviews or internet video conferencing between clients and candidates to facilitate a better understanding. We bridge gaps between employers and the employees with latest communication technologies. Our SMS updates keep the candidates updated about the latest job openings and status of their applications.

We do understand that for any business to follow the motto of `survival of the  fittest’, time is money and so we keep ourselves ready to act on the demands of our clients to deliver our services within the set time -frame and refer the best suitable candidate as per their job profile.

Apart from urgent vacancies large corporations and growing companies have an eternal demand for talented manpower to take their business to the higher level. In such cases we keep a continuous lookout for talented individuals who can add value to your organization. We handle these requirements across multiple global locations and with a previously agreed pricing structure.
A large talent pool is stored with us with an  experts’ resume database and our network is capable of reaching out to thousands of fresh candidates. Joy Travels is backed by exalted clients across Indian and from around the Globe, to whom we provide recruitment solutions throughout the year, emphasizing and  creating relationships without comprising on the aspects of businessrevenue, so as to achieve the peak of human resource served with the best practices!

Our specialized recruitment teams are well versed with each industry we cater to and efficiently source out the best talent as our team closely tracks and monitors the industrial developments to meet with the details on each requirement. There is a high-quality talent pool in the form of an effectively maintained resume database and we gather additional candidates through job posting and advertisements on popular job portals and social media platforms, so as to be able to engage candidates on Facebook, Linked in, Google……..  reaching active candidates in real time.

Joy Travels would like to work as a team to place the deserving talent with the valuable employer who can extract the best out of this resource, which would be our ultimate reward in terms of esteem and confidence bringing us more qualified business in future.

For training and testing skilled workers, we have trade test centers across India where we are equipped with modern tools and techniques to get high end technical skill tradesmen for our employers worldwide

We have a major contribution in deploying a large pool of skilled manpower in the world from India, and other destinations. The teeming millions of skilled labour have provided a solid support system various fields of work.

An investment in lucrative manpower is  a profitable option and has always yielded high dividends in projects as far apart as dams and airports, technology installations, high-rise structures and power stations, hotels and hospitals. Our manpower recruitment from Indian and other countries has passed the acid test of workability, efficiency and dedication.

It matters little whether you need engineers or welders, mechanics or drives, paramedics or IT professionals, physicians or nurses, secretaries or accountants, executives or managers, we are dedicated to provide you with a candidate who is an  ideal to the task, an asset to his workmates,to his employers and to the place where he resides.

In the current world, the easy familiarity with English language, even at the lowly cadres of labour, has eliminated the communication barrier, and this fact alone paves the way for higher productivity.

In a nutshell or a compact, Joy Travels makes concentrated efforts towards the following features:
• The Team That Excels
No operation however perfectly -planned can be successful without an efficient human touch. The personal skills are constantly upgraded through meticulously selected top training programmes which enable us to provide complete personalized services to each of our clients.

• Network
Strong infrastructure to enable smooth execution of all services…..wherein our associates are there to look into your needs while you are travelling.
• Fully Automated Office
Being computerized, we give quick response to your queries on ticketing and travel related services worldwide.
• Travel Consultants
Being an IATA accredited agent, ensure you topmost quality on most competitive prices.
• Amiable Relations With Carriers
Flexibility of carriers, schedules, special handling requests.

Joy Travels has tremendous experience in sourcing and deploying most competent workers in all spheres to internationally reputed clients in the following fields:
1. Airlines and Travel
We believe that travel signifies economic and global boom in terms of business, leisure,  pleasure, and we provide assistance in hiring professionals in this area:
Pilots, Air Hostesses, Crew Staff, Ground Staff, Senior Managers, Executives, Officers, Ticket Agents, Reservation Staff

2. Medical / Paramedical
We provide candidates on long term contract, term – to – term, per diem and direct recruitment for the Medical and Health care Industry…..as we aim at improving medical services……with the following professionals……
Consultants, Specialists, Residents, General Physicians in all branches besides Staff Nurses,Pediatrics, Physiotherapists, Radiologists, Orthodontists, Oncologists, Dermatologists, Cardiologists, Pharmaceutical sales representatives, Technicians, Chemists etc.
3. Computer Personnel
We aim at providing efficient, hardworking and skilled manpower in this area……..
E.D.P. Manager, System Analyst, Programmers, Software and Hardware Engineers and Technicians and Operators.
4. Hospitality Recruitment
We understand the hospitality industry very well and deliver manpower solutions exactly according to a hotel / restaurant / cruise requirement…….
Chefs, Indian Cooks, Hotel Managers, plantations workers, waiters, kitchen Managers

5. Construction Recruitment
Infrastructure is the base of any industry, which means that construction is seen as the foundation of progress, culminating in Roads, Bridges, Buildings which are the symbols of prosperity and an affluent society…….
Hire workers, Executives and Senior Management

Every successful Business House and Corporate is at the top when powered by a workforce of dedicated and accomplished employees…….. Allow us to power your winning team.
Further on……..

For over 30 years, Joy Travels and has been catering  to the Indian leisure and business travellers, various Departments of the Government of India, Public Sector Units, Multinational organizations, national corporate offices, foreign guests, Embassies, and Diplomats

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